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I finally had the money I thought I needed to purchase my first home. I was extremely overwhelmed by the number of houses on the market available to look at and choosing an agent. A co-worker recommended I contact Cyxgen, and from the day I contacted them until my loan closing day, everything was smooth sailing. My Cyxgen advocate helped me during my process whenever I needed any help.

-- Ryan Webber

I have many friends that are rep estate agents and I wasn’t sure who to choose to help me and my wife sell our home. I spoke with a Cyxgen advocate, who listened and understood my needs. They helped me select the agent most aligned with my needs. This helped me feel comfortable and at ease and also eliminated me having to choose between all of the agents that I know.

-- James McGill

I purchased and sold homes in the past. Some good experiences and some bad. Even though I was very familiar with the process, I wanted to see how helpful a company like Cyxgen could be since it was at no charge. They helped make selling my house and buying a new house the easiest and stress free it had ever been.

-- Mark Smith

About Cyxgen

Cyxgen’s most tenured partners have over 15 years of lending experience, 10 years investment and economics experience, and more than 10 years of real estate experience.

The way real estate transactions are completed has evolved over the past 30 years. Cyxgen was founded because we don't believe that the cost of completing a real estate transaction should be the same as it was years ago. Today's technology make it a lot easier to complete your real estate transaction whether you are buying, selling, or renting real estate.